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Energy Efficiency Audit Data Logging

Energy efficiency projects typically require a preliminary energy audit in order to estimste potential savings from investments in new equipment. This has often been a manual process of deploying data loggers, retrieving them, downloading their data, replacing the data loggers, retrieving them, and so on.

Powercast’s Lifetime Power Wireless Sensor System enables easy deployment of data logging with wireless data capture into an existing building automation system (BAS) or a cloud-based monitoring system.  The data can be viewed in real-time or downloaded periodically for analysis.  Either way, repeated manual retrieval of data logging devices is eliminated.

Powercast’s sensors enable measuring various parameters including:

  • Inside Temperature
  • Outside Air Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
  • Light level
  • Door/window opening

Powercast’s wireless sensor system provides the following benefits:

  • Rapid deployment of sensors
  • Real-time data logging, stored in the cloud, viewable from anywhere
  • Eliminate repeated manual device collection / data download
  • No maintenance (25+ year battery life)
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Cloud-Based Sensor Monitoring with Building Clouds

Powercast’s WSG-101 (using Modbus TCP) has been integrated into the Opendium cloud-based remote monitoring platform from Building Clouds. Using live data from the Powercast facility, the Building Clouds Opendium monitoring service pulls the data from the Powercast WSG-101 BAS gateway into the cloud, making it available for remote monitoring, alerting, and data logging.

Use the link and public log-in information below to see a demo of the Building Clouds service and the live data.
link: http://pcastdemo.dynalias.com/
username: pcast
password: 20pcast12

Building Clouds offers its Opendiem Software Suite of open products which monitor and control building systems and industrial processes from a simple and easy to use web-based graphical user interface. Opendiem does not require any proprietary connection to a controls network and can be hosted on a virtual, cloud-based hardware platform.

Powercast’s WSG-101 BAS gateway can connect to the cloud using various Ethernet-based interfaces including BACnet/IP, Modbus TCP, XML, and SNMP.


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Remote Monitoring Integration with ioBridge Pro

The Powercast WSG-101 wireless gateway has been integrated with the ioBridge Pro module for remote monitoring in the cloud. The sensor data is from a live demo in the Powercast office in Pittsburgh, PA. We used text-based widgets for the data in the table, and below show a gauge widget and a data log graph (past 24 hours).

Sensor Type Sensor Value 1 Sensor Value 2
1 Temp + Humidity
2 Temp + Humidity
3 Temp + Humidity
4 Temp + Humidity
5 Light -
6 Temp + External
7 CO2 -

The above sensor data is also available for monitoring using the Modbus TCP protocol (instructions).

Sensor #6 – Temp. from External Probe
Sensor #7 – Wireless CO2 Transmitter
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