Remote Monitoring Integration with ioBridge Pro

The Powercast WSG-101 wireless gateway has been integrated with the ioBridge Pro module for remote monitoring in the cloud. The sensor data is from a live demo in the Powercast office in Pittsburgh, PA. We used text-based widgets for the data in the table, and below show a gauge widget and a data log graph (past 24 hours).

Sensor Type Sensor Value 1 Sensor Value 2
1 Temp + Humidity
2 Temp + Humidity
3 Temp + Humidity
4 Temp + Humidity
5 Light -
6 Temp + External
7 CO2 -

The above sensor data is also available for monitoring using the Modbus TCP protocol (instructions).

Sensor #6 – Temp. from External Probe
Sensor #7 – Wireless CO2 Transmitter

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