Wireless Transmitters

Battery-powered Wireless Transmitters

  • 25+ years of operation on a single battery
  • No wires to install
  • No battery replacement during typical lifetime
  • Flexibility and fast installation of wireless
  • Longevity and predictability of wiring
  • As small as 4” x 2” x 1”

The WSN-1100 (2.4GHz) and WSN-1200 (900MHZ) series wireless transmitters provide unmatched performance in terms of battery-life, which results in non-stop operation and reduced maintenance cost.  Once activated, these devices will reliably transmit data at fixed intervals for 25+ years with a pre-installed battery or 15 years with replaceable batteries.  Configuration and deployment is fast and simple enabling usage for permanent or portable applications.

Type 900MHz System 2.4GHz System Description
(inside unit)
Temperature – ± 1°F (50‐90°F)
Temperature w/ 2 External Inputs (10K Type 2)
Temperature, Humidity, & Dew Point
(external probe)
WSN-1201-T2XT WSN-1101-T2XT Temperature w/ 2 External Inputs (10K Type 2)
 Humidity WSN-1201-THD WSN-1101-THD Temperature, Humidity & Dew Point
 Light WSN-1201-L WSN-1101-L  Light level (lux)
Contact Closure WSN-1201-C WSN-1101-C Contact Closure / Digital Input (2 channels)
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) WSN-1202-CO2 WSN-1102-CO2 0 – 5000ppm CO2
Differential Pressure WSN-1202-DP1 WSN-1102-DP1 ± 2″ W.C. / ± 500pa – 1.0pa res

WSN Setup and Mounting Guide


RF-Powered Wireless Transmitters

The WSN-100X wireless transmitters are powered by harvesting RF energy (915MHz) from a remote, wireless power source. With no battery and no moving parts, these devices operate perpetually in the presence of RF energy. The interval between data transmission depends on the level of received power and can range from a few seconds (at close range) to 5 minutes (at maximum range) when coupled with Powercast’s TX91501 power transmitter.

RF Power Source

The TX91501 Powercaster transmitter wirelessly sends power and data using 915Mz radio waves to one or more RF-powered Lifetime Power wireless sensor nodes (WSN-1001/2), creating a reliable and predictable source of energy.

One or more transmitters can be used to create a wireless power network, similar to Wi-Fi or mobile networks, for low-power applications. The TX91501 is available with output power of 1W for shorter range or 3W for longer range.