About Us

Company Overview

Powercast provides wireless solutions to measure environmental conditions and the status of equipment in buildings for remote monitoring and control.  The increasing cost of energy is driving building owners and designers to look for technologies that increase energy efficiency while maintaining occupant comfort.  For both new and existing buildings, “green” technologies such as wireless sensors and controls are an increasingly important part of the solution.  Wireless provides the enhanced ability to measure, monitor, and reduce energy consumption, enhance occupant comfort, and protect valuable assets, without the hassle and expense of hard wiring.

But typical wireless solutions lose some of their appeal when batteries have to be repeatedly changed, an undesirable, on-going maintenance cost.  Powercast solves this problem with battery-less sensors and with battery-powered sensors that operate for 25+ years on a single battery.

This compelling alternative to traditional hard wired systems includes benefits such as:

  • Ease and speed of deployment
  • Flexibility of device location and repositioning
  • Less expensive to install and commission
  • Portability for short-term base-lining

The result is that Powercast’s solutions provide the flexibility of wireless, with the predictability and longevity of hard wired systems.

The applications for our technology are numerous: commercial office buildings, data centers, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, hotels, apartments, dorm rooms, universities, schools, restaurant and retail stores, and many more.