Cloud-Based Sensor Monitoring with Building Clouds

Powercast’s WSG-101 (using Modbus TCP) has been integrated into the Opendium cloud-based remote monitoring platform from Building Clouds. Using live data from the Powercast facility, the Building Clouds Opendium monitoring service pulls the data from the Powercast WSG-101 BAS gateway into the cloud, making it available for remote monitoring, alerting, and data logging.

Use the link and public log-in information below to see a demo of the Building Clouds service and the live data.
username: pcast
password: 20pcast12

Building Clouds offers its Opendiem Software Suite of open products which monitor and control building systems and industrial processes from a simple and easy to use web-based graphical user interface. Opendiem does not require any proprietary connection to a controls network and can be hosted on a virtual, cloud-based hardware platform.

Powercast’s WSG-101 BAS gateway can connect to the cloud using various Ethernet-based interfaces including BACnet/IP, Modbus TCP, XML, and SNMP.


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